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What Is The ZAVANT Society?

Imagine a universe where the impossible happens every day. Where people can read minds, predict the future, and make their most ambitious goals a reality.

This project aims to get you as close to that universe as possible through a constellation of experiences that bridge the gaps between Web3.0 + meatspace.

It uses portal keys to unlock features, benefits, and experiences that connect between each galaxy or project. Each is an NFT built with the Unlock Protocol on top of the Ethereum & Polygon blockchains. Holders using MetaMask, or better, are able to pass beyond the lock gates to access exclusive material.

  • SWAG

    Let people know you’re from another dimension with our custom designed shirts, hats, and other apparel.

    Created to signal to others that you’re operating on a whole other level.

  • ART

    Traditional painting, digital paintings created in the same way as traditional paintings then turned into limited edition NFTs, graphic design, posters, and more.


    Virtual events are here to stay, and in-person parties are still kick ass.

    The founder of The ZAVANT Society is an experiential designer for 3D environments, live events, and virtual meetings.

    He regularly travels the country creating unforgettable experiences for major events & corporations at trade shows and conferences.

    Members of The ZAVANT Society get special perks & access to these multi-million dollar experiences.


    The ZAVANT Society is home to the greatest minds in the universe, and they also happen to be pretty cool people. Your network is your net worth. This network is worth millions.


    Citizens of The ZAVANT Society receive training that completely rewires how they think about success. Navigating challenges becomes a matter of using the right pattern for the situation.


    These new systems are installed through live training, online workshops, and book form.


    If you’re going to navigate a new universe, you better have the skills to survive.

    The ZAVANT Society rewards aptitude in fitness, martial arts, logic, debate, marketing, sales, negotiation, and more.

  • ZAVANT Society
    mind power multiplied
    • 365 days
    • Exclusive Discord role
    • Exclusive training material
    • Monthly Live Q&A sessions
    • Early screening of new videos
    • Discount on select merchandise
    • Reveals hidden information across multiple sites
  • Portal Walker
    lifetime access
    • Lifetime membership
    • All perks of "ZAVANT Squad" with deeper access
    • VIP access to any/all public shows
    • Any future value & perks grandfathered in
*requires the ZAVANT Society NFT

The Mind Behind The ZAVANT Society

The universe of big thinking comes from the imagination of celebrated mentalist, author, artist, YouTuber, technofuturist, and multidimensional mystery worker Jonathan Pritchard.